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To Fitness

Since 2013 CrossFit Porirua has been a stable in the Porirua fitness community. We pride ourselves on being able to give back to our community through various programmes and sponsorships throughout Porirua, Tawa & Wellington. If your sports team or organisation is looking for support get in touch via the form below. 


CrossFit Porirua are proud sponsors of the Tawa Rugby Football Club in 2020. 


CrossFit Porirua provides pre-season strength and conditioning sessions for all teams. Each session was developed to replicate the environment found of the rugby field, combining elements of strength, speed, cardio, high intensity and most importantly mental toughness.

⁣Our support doesn't stop there, we have a special 2020 TRFC membership rate for all that wish to continue working on their conditioning throughout the season.

Growing up in the Porirua area, sports and fitness have a massive impact on us and it's easy to see the immense benefits it has on our community. CrossFit Porirua is delighted to have teamed up with Sport Wellington and the Kiwi Sport Initiative to offer CrossFit Kickstart to the youth of Porirua, Tawa and Northern Suburbs.

As coaches who were born and raised in the Porirua area, we know the huge potential athletic⁣
ability of our local youth. Many young people often become disheartened when they have not achieved their goals or grown tired of New Zealand’s major sports. This leads to significant numbers of teenagers dropping out of organised sport and becoming lost in participation.⁣

CrossFit Porirua, with Kiwi Sport and Sport New Zealand, are delighted to offer Kickstart: a fun, social environment where rangatahi can develop new skills and grow in confidence, helping them to develop into resilient young people. ⁣

Launched in early 2020, CrossFit Porirua Kickstart offers a free introductory beginners class to educate the importance of staying fit and healthy. In addition, we run onsite CrossFit clinics at our local schools. This programme is designed to develop a wide variety of athletic skills including weightlifting, athletics, gymnastics and provide an introduction to the sport of CrossFit.⁣

Another major goal for Kickstart is to address the dwindling participation numbers of females 14-18 in organised sport. With the outstanding success of our very own Kiwi Jamie Greene at the 2019 CrossFit Games, we have seen the possibilities for our wāhine in the sport of CrossFit on the worldwide stage. With a sport as diverse as CrossFit, it is truly for everyone. We will be working hard to increase participation numbers across the area.⁣

Our community comes from all different backgrounds and all have different goals, yet we come together each day to follow the path to a healthier and more active life.⁣

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